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Geddes & Branford

Branford Family Gallery

Victor Branford was the son of William Catton Branford and had one sister (Mary) and three brothers (Ben, Jack, and Lionel). Ben kept a diary for many years (now deposited in the ‘Foundations of Sociology’ archive at Keele University, and this contains many family photographs of the brothers, Ben’s wife and daughter (Edith and Violet), Mary’s son the poet Frederick Victor Branford, and William Branford’s sisters. All of these are included below.

Victor Branford in 1911. Pictured at the height of his business career in Latin America, shortly after his marriage to Sybella Gurney.

Victor Branford in 1927l

Photgraphed in the garden of his brother Ben's home in Whitstabe.

Victor Branford 1927 Victor Branford 1911 Victor Branford 1901

Victor Branfod in 1901. Pictured when on the verge of establishing the Sociological Society.

Victor Branford 1920

Victor Branford circa 1920. Newspaper photograph.

Victor Branford (plaque) 1927

Victor Branford in 1927. Plaque.

Victor Branford

Victor Branford with Benchara Branford 1924

Victor (second from right) with brother Ben (right), Edith Branford (wife of Ben) and Jack Baker (brother of Edith). In Ben’s garden at Whitstable, 1924.

Wives of Victor Branford: Elizabeth and Sybella

Elizabeth Branford 1909

Bess Branford, 1909, in Hampshire garden of Lionel Branford. Bess was formerly Elizabeth Stewart and was born Elizabeth Smith, niece of Sir Josiah Mason.

The Four Branford Brothers

Victor Branford and brothers, 1901 Victor Branford and brothers, 1928

Victor, Ben, Jack, Lionel, 1901. Taken at time of Ben’s induction as Principal of Sunderland College.

Ben and Jack (back row), Lionel and Victor (front row), 1928

Benchara Branford and family

Benchara Branford, 1901 Benchara Branford, 1905 Benchara Branford, 1925

Benchara Branford, 1901

Benchara Branford (sixth from left) at meeting of Schools Inspectors, St John’s College, Oxford, 1905.

Benchara Branford, 1925.

Benchara Branford, 1913 Edith Branford, 1913 Violet Branford, 1913 Edith Branford, 1890

Ben, Edith, and Violet Branford in silhouette, 1913. Also silhouette of Edith in 1890.

Ben and Edith Branford, 1912 Ben, Edith, and Violet Branford, 1913 Edith, Ben, and Violet Branford, 1931

Ben and Edith, 1912

Ben, Edith, and Violet, 1913

Edith, Ben, and Violet, 1931

Jack Branford

Jack Branford, 1914

Jack Branford in 1914 when serving as army chaplain.

Jack, Edith, and Benchara Branford, 1925

Jack, Edith, and Ben Branford, 1925

Jack Branford, 1938

Jack Branford, 1938

Other Branford family members

Mary Branford, 1888

Mary Branford, sister of Victor Branford, 1888. Mary was a stage actor who married actor Frederick Joynson Powell in 1892.

Fred Powell aka Frederick Victor Branford

Fred Powell, son of Mary Powell (nee Branford), c. 1904. Became a poet publishing under the name Frederick Victor Branford.

Helen Branford, 1925 Mary Wyatt nee Branford, 1925 Mary Wyatt nee Branford, 1927

Helen Branford, aunt of Victor Branford, in 1925.

Mary Wyatt (nee Branford), aunt of Victor Branford, in 1925.

Mary Wyatt, 1927. Mary was the widow of Colonel Louis Wyatt.

High quality copies of most of the above photographs can be supplied for all legitimate publishing and academic purposes.

Sybella Gurney prior to her marriage as Victor’s second wife.